tourism in Morocco

Tourism in Morocco is a country of beauty and tourism of unique landscapes. Tourism in Morocco is characterized by its diversity, which includes many types of tourism, including mountain tourism, old city tourism, religious tourism and sports tourism.

Tourism in Morocco has become a global destination thanks to its proven elements.

The Maghreb benefited from its position on the African continent and its openness to the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, as well as being one of the Arab and Amazigh countries to be the first host country in Africa for many foreign tourists.

Jamaa Lfna marrakech

Constantine, Algeria, city of suspended bridges and fortified doors

Constantine Algeria

Constantine 450 km east of the Algerian capital to be the capital of Arab culture in 2015, a great cultural demonstration preparing for it the capital of the eastern Algerian with great enthusiasm, after four years of hosting the city of Tlemcen 450 kilometers west of the capital, the Tlemcen demonstration is the capital of Islamic culture, and after Algeria is the capital of Arab culture in 2007.
Constantine or Sirta, which was built on a large rock, is considered one of the most beautiful Algerian cities. The seven bridges connecting its sides gave it a beautiful character that is not found in any other city of Algeria. An eighth bridge called the Independence Bridge or the giant bridge that exceeds its length 750 meters, and this project is in progress, and it will open to traffic soon, link the northern city bank with the eastern, and the noose will be lifted from the city which suffers from traffic congestion.
Busy history

The history of this city makes it a cultural station that cannot be crossed. It has been famous since ancient times for its intellectuals, artists and scholars, as it was also a symbol of resistance against French colonialism.
One of the symbols of the resistance against French colonialism, which was transformed in 2010 into a museum of cultural expressions, is the Haji Ahmed Bey Palace, which opened its doors in 1835, and it is currently undergoing a restoration process in preparation for receiving part of the activities that Constantine will be the capital of Arab culture.
Ahmad Bey was Ahmed bin Muhammad al-Sharif bin Ahmad al-Qali, born in 1786, who died in 1850, and appointed “Paya” (Wali) to Constantine in 1826. He remained in this position until the year 1837, the date of the city’s fall in the hands of the French colonial forces. The Bey fought against the forces French colonialism, and was able to withstand seven years after the unification of large and powerful tribes, and fought against them two fierce battles, in the years 1836 and 1837, and the occupation forces resorted to several methods and tricks in order to eliminate this resistance, including tightening the screws on Constantine and cutting terms and preventing the arrival of ammunition and weapons to the forces Albay, despite the defeat of his forces, but Albay refused to surrender, He moved around the east and south, inciting the tribes not to submit to colonialism, trying to form a new army to fight the colonizer, and he continued in this way, until he was trapped in one of the forts, and he was forced to surrender, after he exhausted all means of resistance, and the French authorities put him under house arrest, Until he passed away in 1850.
Preparations and visits

Jamal Foghali, the director of culture in the city of Constantine, is responsible for preparing for this large cultural demonstration. For this purpose, he visited last February the city of Tlemcen, which was the capital of Islamic culture to see what had been achieved in it of cultural projects.
He told Al-Quds Al-Arabi that Constantine went to Tlemcen to learn from it, and to see what had been accomplished from facilities such as the Institute of Andalusian Studies, as well as the restoration process that underwent the old neighborhoods in Tlemcen, such as the neighborhood of Al-Mashwar, which witnessed the opening of an institute for the interpretation of traditional dress, she supervised It was former Minister of Culture Khalida Tome.
Even if the officials in charge of the cultural sector do not express this explicitly, this institute came with the aim of protecting the traditional Algerian dress from extinction, and more importantly, protecting it from an organized “robbery” (in the words of Algerian officials) by neighboring countries that want to be attributed She has aspects of Algerian heritage and culture, which necessitated the opening of this institute, which contains a group of traditional Algerian women’s and men’s clothing and even children’s clothing, which each symbolizes a specific region.
In Constantine, we met Jamal Fogali as he wandered around the city, to see the progress of the projects that will be hosted by the city of suspended bridges, stressing that the bridges themselves will be a place for Arabs and non-Arabs from the guests of Constantine, which connects the sides of the city, and the oldest is the Bab Qantara Bridge, which is the oldest Built by the Romans, the Turks restored it in 1792, then the French demolished it, and they rebuilt another bridge in its place, followed by the Sidi Rashid Bridge, which is currently undergoing a restoration process. It was designed by the French engineer Aubin Airlot, and it contains 27 arches, its height is estimated at 105 meters, and its length is 447 meters, It is considered the highest and largest stone bridge in the world, and also comes after Sid bridge M’Cid was designed by French engineer Ferdinand Ornodan in 1912, a suspension bridge, with a height of 175 meters and a length of 168 meters, the bridge, the highest in the city and in the African continent in general.
All these bridges, in addition to the giant “Independence Bridge”, will be important milestones in the demonstration, because these bridges tell the history of Constantine and express the specificity of its topography and geography, which we have no example in Algeria.
In the past, the city was fortified with seven gates, which closed after sunset, just as is the case with the gates of the capital. Among those gates is the Bab al-Hanasheh, which is located at the northern exit of the city and leads to the springs that flow into the basins located at the foot of the Sidi Massid bridge, as well as The gate of Qantara that connects the city to its southern bank, then the door of Jababiyya that leads to Sidi Rashid, the new door and the door of the valley, the same designations that carry the bridges of the capital.

New dress

Jamal Foghali emphasized that many workshops were opened in anticipation of this important cultural date for the city, including the restoration of the House of Culture, and many other facilities such as the regional theater, as well as the old neighborhoods in Constantine, which will be a place of pilgrimage to the city’s guests during this demonstration, and a library will also be built, A huge exhibition hall called “Zenit” is expected to accommodate more than 3000 spectators, in addition to establishing 6 cultural houses in 6 municipalities.
Although the final program of this cultural demonstration has not yet been set, but according to the organizers, the program will include musical and theatrical performances, and the issuance of more than a thousand books in various fields.
To this end, a reading committee was established to receive the proposed book projects in this framework, especially those that tell about the history of Constantine, which extends over three thousand years, and is also expected to produce three large plays to display on this occasion, as well as other theatrical performances, and also the completion of a museum dating For the Constantinople theater, it highlights the most important theatrical works produced in the city. It is also expected that it will open in Ahmed Bay Palace for Poetry and Music, another hall for plastic arts, and a hall for displaying foreign books.
There will also be 20 cinematic films, 14 international forums, 8 major exhibitions, 11 visual arts exhibitions, and 15 festivals to be organized as a periodic period starting in the year 2015, and that the number of participants in this demonstration will exceed four thousand participants from Arab countries.

Chinese scientists have published a picture of the new Corona virus, taken with an electron microscope.

Real picture of the virus

The photos were released by the Institute of Microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as part of the campaign to prevent and control the outbreak of the virus. International media and most of the social media reissued that image.

How the virus multiplies in cells

It is noteworthy that the first information about the virus began to come from the Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of last December, and the scientists announced at that time that a new strain of the virus «2019-nCoV» that caused the outbreak of the fatal pneumonia.

The first outbreaks of the new coronavirus were launched from the fish market, and it is believed that the source was snakes from which the Chinese used to eat cooked meals. Scientists later confirmed that the virus is transmitted from human to human, and from animal to human.

Beginning work

As China stepped up measures to contain the virus, as it stopped public transportation in ten cities, closed temples, and quickly built a new hospital to treat the injured.

The World Health Organization announced on Thursday that the new strain of the Corona virus represented a health emergency in China, but it refrained from declaring a global health emergency.

Health authorities fear that the rate of infection will accelerate during the Lunar New Year holiday, as hundreds of millions of Chinese travel at home and abroad during the week-long holiday that begins on Friday.

As of Thursday, the National Health Committee said that the number of confirmed cases reached 830, while 25 people died, and most cases were in the central city of Wuhan, where the virus is believed to have originated in a market for the wild animal trade illegally.

The size of the virus

Initial research revealed that the virus, which spread in Wuhan, had transmitted to humans from snakes in its latest stages of development, according to Reuters.

And China imposed on isolation of Wuhan, which has a population of 11 million people, and neighboring Huang Gang, where about seven million people. Most railway stations are closed, few trains stop in the city, flights have stopped, and checkpoints have been set up on major roads to and from the city.

On Friday, the official Changjiang newspaper reported that Wuhan is building a new hospital with 1,000 beds for treating people with the virus, to be ready by Monday.

HIV cases were discovered in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States, prompting several airlines to suspend flights to and from Wuhan.

But the World Health Organization said on Thursday that it was “too early” to announce the new virus as a global emergency.

The Chinese health authorities have appealed to residents to avoid crowds during the Lunar New Year holiday.

On Friday, the Hubei Daily reported that ten cities in Hubei Province had stopped some public transportation in light of the outbreak of the Corona virus.

The cities of Chibi, Xiantao, Zhejiang, Xiangyang, Xianning, Huangshi and Enshi have suspended bus services, and Itchu has closed train stations.

The newspaper said that Zhejiang closed all public places except hospitals, supermarkets, farmers’ market, gas stations and pharmacies, and Enshi city closed non-open entertainment places.

And some famous temples in China closed their doors, such as the Lama Temple in Beijing, which people usually visit to offer offerings for the New Year, as of Friday.

Haikou, the capital of the Hainan tourist region in the south of the country, also closed tourist and cultural attractions such as libraries and museums.

Beijing has canceled large gatherings including two lunar New Year exhibitions, and the Imperial Palace (Forbidden City) closed the most famous tourist attraction in the capital, until further notice.

China announces receipt of a vaccine for the Corona virus

Coronavirus Vaccine

After careful and diligent follow-up by the Chinese health and preventive organizations, senior Chinese sources confirmed that China has reached the vaccine in tackling the Corona epidemic, and therefore the Committee for Disease Control and Prevention in charge of fighting the Corona Virus in Zhejiang Province, China, held a press conference in which the Deputy Director of the Public Health Directorate announced In the province, it was reported that an anti-retroviral vaccine was reached, as it confirmed that the vaccine was produced and tested, and that it has successfully passed large stages, and that the vaccine is now in the final stages of animal trials before it is soon used in humans. It also confirmed that the spread of the virus is under control, and the degree of spread has decreased in Chinese provinces, except Hubei, to the fourth level.

Commenting on the news, Wael Khalil Yassin, head of the Middle East Center for Studies and Development specializing in Chinese affairs, affirmed that China, from the first day on announcing and spreading the virus, monitored all its capabilities and capabilities with a view to fighting the virus, and considered this a war waged by the entire Chinese nation in defense of the safety of its people and the peoples of the whole world. Billions of dollars to that, in addition to bearing hundreds of billions of dollars in economic losses.

Yassin emphasized that China is determined to win this war, and today, on the thirtieth day of the declaration of a state of emergency, it announces that it has reached the anti-virus vaccine in a scientific miracle, since such action requires months and possibly years to reach it. And about the spread of the virus in the Middle East region, Yassin said we have been following this since the virus started, if it revealed nine cases in the United Arab Emirates and one case in Egypt until yesterday, all of which have links to the city of Wuhan, where the disease has spread strongly and all cases are under Control and I came to the Middle East before China declared complete closure and emergency. As for now, after receiving information about the spread of the virus in the Iranian city of Qom, I think that things may get out of control in the Middle East region, as the city of Qom is one of the most important holy places for the generous Shiite community. Perhaps the virus will spread quickly due to the density of visitors and I think that All countries in the Middle East, especially Iran, to take the necessary measures quickly by following the quarantine policy on any cases that might be exposed to the virus, and to work quickly to set up emergency committees to deal with the problem and benefit from China’s experiences in dealing with the issue.

And Yassin concluded, we hope that things are taken seriously and that the risks are taken with a national responsibility of everyone in the countries of the Middle East, and we hope that God will protect everyone and keep the virus away from all the people of the world.

List of countries that have reported infection with the Coronavirus

Corona virus increases? With regard to the names of countries that appeared in North America in December 2019.

Asians in the Middle East

As of Tuesday, February 18, without Hong Kong and Macau, the number of deaths in mainland China as a result of the Coruna virus had reached 1,868 people, since the epidemic appeared, while the number of infections was 72,300, according to Tuesday’s toll.

Most deaths were recorded in Hubei Province, the epicenter in the center of the country, with its capital, Wuhan.

This number exceeds the death toll from the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) virus that has killed 774 people worldwide, including 349 in mainland China and 299 in Hong Kong in 2002-2003.

One person died in Hong Kong, an autonomous city, with at least 58 injuries recorded.

Ten injuries were recorded in Macau.

More- China: About 1,900 people die from the Corona virus, and US medical equipment is exempt from customs duties

Asia and the Pacific

65 injuries, including an eighty woman who died, and at least 454 other injuries on board the “Diamond Princess” cruise ship off the coast of Yokohama, in addition to the injury of a quarantine supervisor.

On Monday, February 17, several American passengers were evacuated from the ship to the United States, where they are supposed to be quarantined for 14 days.

South Korea

30 injuries were recorded.


20 injuries, including one death.

Southeast Asia

77 casualties.


35 hits.


22 injuries.


16 injuries.


Three injured people, one of whom died in Manila, is a Chinese from Wuhan. This was the first death outside China.


One hit.

South Asia

Three injuries.


One hit.

Sri Lanka

One hit.

15 injuries.

The Americas
United State

29 injuries.


Eight injuries.

European Union

16 injuries (including two people returned from Wuhan).


12 injuries, including one death, announced on February 15, are the first outside Asia.


3 injuries.


Two hits.


One hit.


One hit.


One hit.

The rest of Europe
United kingdom

Nine injuries.


Two hits.

Middle East and North Africa
The United Arab Emirates

Nine injuries.


A case reported by the Egyptian Ministry of Health on February 14, the first in Africa

Tourism in Tangier

Tourism in Tangier Morocco, located north of the Kingdom of Morocco on the Mediterranean coast, is the sixth largest city in Morocco and one of the most important cities in Morocco. Tangier receives about 47% of all foreign tourists coming to Morocco each year due to its wonderful tourist attractions
Tourism in Morocco Tangier is one of the city’s most important resources. It is full of scenic areas and nature. An example of this is the ancient city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, which is distinguished by its towers and towers, as well as the Rumailat forest, Heraclius cave and others.

Best Tangier Hotels
Royal Tulip City Center Hotel

Royal Tulip City Center Hotel
The Royal Tulip City Center is one of Morocco’s best 5 star hotels. It is ideally located in the heart of the city, close to the enchanting Tangier Beach and the famous Kasbah Square. Tangier Port and the Old American Mandate Museum are both within walking distance of the residence. Batuta is 13 km away.
Summary of Arab Guest Reviews
The hotel got great ratings in every location, cleanliness, comfort, staff, breakfast.


Grand Mogador Hotel & Spa

One of the best 5-star Tangier hotels recommended for couples and families, offering comfortable accommodation with great sea views. Located just steps away from Tangier Beach, Tangier Train Station is just a 5-minute drive from the airport. Ibn Battuta in Tangier is a 20 minute drive away.
Summary of Arab Guest Reviews
The hotel got very good ratings in all respects.


Farah Hotel Tangier

A characteristic Tangier Morocco hotel is located a few minutes’ drive from Malabata Beach and offers comfortable and peaceful accommodation overlooking the sea. Tangier Ibn Battuta Airport is 20 km away and Asilah is 25 km from this residence.
Summary of Arab Guest Reviews
The hotel got very good ratings in both location, view, cleanliness, staff.


Hotel Kenzi Sol Azir

Hotel Kenzi Sol Azir
Located just a few steps from the beach in the center of Tangier and offering comfortable accommodation with views of the Strait of Gibraltar and the Gulf of Tangier, the Kenzi Sul Azir Airport is just 25 km from the Kenzi Hotel.
Summary of Arab Guest Reviews
The hotel has a good location in the city.


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Tourism in Casablanca

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco and the most beautiful cities of the Moroccan coast overlooking the ocean, and the economic capital of the country.

Casablanca is a city rich in diverse and fascinating tourist sites, which contains many of the most important tourist areas in Morocco, giving it a special charm and aesthetic.

The city has many parks and gardens such as the Arab League Park and hosts many annual festivals, most notably the Casablanca Festival.

The city of Casablanca has many luxury apartments and hotels in Morocco that vary in terms of price and even services, and because the task of hchoosing hotels is somewhat difficult for the tourist, we have collected the best hotels in Casablanca and especially close to the sights of Casablana

Hassan II Mosque
The Hassan II Mosque is located near the Old City on the Atlantic coast and is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Casablanca, the largest religious teacher in Morocco and the seventh in the world. The mosque’s artist embodies the creativity of Moroccan architecture

The prayer hall in the mosque can accommodate about 25,000 worshipers, while the number reaches 100,000 during the month of Ramadan, where the area of the mosque is about 9 hectares

Tourism in Istanbul hotels

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, including hundreds of hotels and apartments, which vary according to their rank, style, level of service and even prices. Perhaps the task of choosing the right hotel for tourists is difficult.

So we have collected the best Istanbul hotels based on the experiences of Arab tourists and their ratings and our own opinion on the level of services offered by Istanbul Turkey hotels.

Also on this subject are Istanbul’s finest hotels and hotels suitable for honeymoon.

Best Sultanahmet Hotels

The Sultanahmet region attracts millions of tourists a day and most of them prefer to stay in one of its best hotels in Istanbul.

In this article, we present the most important hotels in Sultanahmet and some of the details of each hotel as its classification, the pros and cons of each hotel from the experience of previous visitors, its location and some of its features.

Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul Sultan Ahmed

The most important features of the Four Seasons Istanbul Sultanahmet Hotel which the visitors love is the cooperation and good reception of the staff, the location of the hotel next to the tourist places and shopping centers and it is one of the best hotels in Sultanahmet.

Read our report on Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul Sultan Ahmed

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The hotel has exceptional ratings on both location, facilities, cleanliness, comfort, staff performance and value for money.

The best seasons of tourism in the cities of Morocco

The best seasons of tourism in Morocco range from January to May. This period is characterized by a mild and beautiful atmosphere in the cities of Morocco, where this instinct is light rain and warm weather and comfortable for tourism in general. In addition to snow in some highlands and in some areas quiet and sunny

When can you stay for tourism in Morocco?

The maximum length of stay for tourism in Morocco is 3 months for foreigners exempt from visa, as long as your passport permits this.

Depending on the duration of the visa for non-exempted persons.

If you wish to extend your stay in Morocco after the expiry of the three months or the expiry of the visa, you must apply for a license from the competent Moroccan authorities.

The cost of travel to Morocco for tourism

The cost of traveling to Morocco for two people ranges from $ 150-250

And may increase and vary according to desire. With lots of features

Top 10 Hotels in Marrakech Morocco Recommended for 2019 tourist

Best Marrakech Hotels
Marrakech has many of Morocco’s most prestigious hotels, most of which are located in the heart of the city. In this article we will show you some of the best hotels in Marrakech, Morocco, which are recommended for its proximity to tourist attractions and transportation
Marrakech hotels 5 stars

Savoy Le Grand Hotel is one of the best hotels in Marrakech. It is located near the Manara Gardens, just 500 meters away. It is surrounded by many restaurants and cafes and is connected to a small shopping mall called Al Manara Mall. Marrakech Plaza is 2.2 km from the hotel and you can reach Marrakech-Menara Airport, 2 km from the residence.

Summary of foreign guest ratings

The hothel got very high and good ratings in both location, cleanliness, staff, services.

The most popular tourist places in Marrakech

The city of Marrakech, the capital of the Andalusian Empire, is one of the most important cities of tourism in the Maghreb and one of the oldest cities. It was founded 1200 years ago by Joseph Ben Taschifen. This mountainous city is characterized by its charming beauty and beautiful nature, in which the beauty of the present and the splendor of the past harmonize

Tourism in Marrakesh has many historical walls, buildings and giant gardens of high design. In this era, Marrakech is a stronghold of Islamic civilization and an intellectual center of science and philosophy. It has many museums and monuments that attract many tourists.

As well as many of the wonderful tourist sites that make the holiday another taste in the atmosphere of Morocco and there are many restaurants, cafes, markets and leisure activities.

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